M5STack Tough in reboot loop when using UIFlow - Duplicated post

  • I am duplicating the same post I put in the Products forum because this may be the better place to discuss.

    Hello Forum, M5Stack team,

    I have two M5Stack Tough units. After flashing with the UI Flow Software 1.9.8 (also tried 1.9.6) the units work fine first, but then after some programming in micropython they stop working and if I reset or power on they enter a reboot loop where the unit boots until the UI Flow logo, sometimes until the audible ping, but then resets again.
    Flashing with different software works. So the units do not seem to be damaged physically.
    Supplying with 12V through the RS485 connector does not change the behavior.

    Any ideas?

  • Hello @insaneLX

    please try the latest M5Burner and then use it to install UIFlow firmware 1.11.8 onto your M5Tough.


  • Thank's that solved it!