M5Stack Tough product lifetime

  • Hi,

    I am planning to use the M5Stack tough for a professional application. What is the product lifetime policy (obsolesence) of M5Stack?
    Is there any information from product managment regarding this?


  • @insanelx I don't know a date. It seems Core 2 has more examples and support. I bought a Tough for use as a PLC/controller for a large open source project. I keep running into issues some are my lack of programming knowledge others are no documentation or unit doesn't work. The community is very helpful and supportive. M5 doesn't seem that active in the forum. I think Core 2 might be the way to go if you are sticking with M5.

  • You would be better off directly contacting M5Stack about this but as the tough is a core2 and core2 is still being added to UIFlow, I wouldn't think it would be EOL that soon.