M5Go deep sleep with AAA_Base

  • I have a MicroPython script that collects data every four hours. The script collects the data I want then puts it in lower power mode using machine.deepsleep(). If I run the script using power via the USB-C port, the script works fine, the M5GO goes to sleep and wakes up every 4 hours. If I try to run the same script using the batteries in the BASE-AAA, the M5GO does not wake up after the first attempt. (Note: I am using the 2.0.2 firmware.)

    I suspect the problem is with the IP5306 power management. Am I right in that assumption or is there another explanation? Is there any way to use battery power using the BASE-AAA? The schematic for the M5GO has a note that says the IP5306 is connected to I2C and I see it connected using i2c.scan() but the IP5306 data sheet does not have information about any i2c capability.

  • Hello @dahult

    the IP5306 I2C registers are described here (under Related link - Datasheet).

    Unfortunately the IP5306 turns the output off after a timeout (max: 64 s) if the load is too low; like when ESP32 is in deep sleep mode.

    There was a similar discussion in this thread here.