No COM found (Soft Bricked)

  • Hi guys,

    I have an M5Stack Core2. I wrote a little program to it an run it for about 9 months. Now I wanted to adjust my code. Maybe translate it to micropython etc.
    However, my computer can't identify the M5Stack anymore. Which means, I get no COM to use M5burner or Arduino IDE with. I tried to plug-in another m5stack, and it detects the COM Port on that one. But not mine. Therefore I cant use m5burner to reset the device. Is there any other possibility? I've seen in this post that there doesn't seem to be any hardware button for it. Any other possibilities to factory reset?

    Thanks in advance and greetings,

  • Try using M5Burner to wipe the Core2.
    What you are describing is a user created bug that blocks the port from communicating with the computer.
    It takes timing and practice but you can reset the Core2 and wipe the existing program.
    Check your code to make sure it is not writing to the ports pins.

  • But how can I use M5Burner if its not able to connect to the core2? I can't reach it via com port and the program was flashed via Arduino ide. So there's no wifi etc. activated.
    I updated the software several times without problems. Idk why it's not working anymore right now.

  • Hold the power button on, connect the usb cable, click the "Erase button" and then release the power button once its stats connecting.
    Removing the base and battery helps.

    It takes practice to get it to work as it is know as a "Soft Brick" and I have done it myself.
    The issue is that you need to get the computer to connect before the boot loader starts and that is a very tiny timeframe to hit.

  • @ajb2k3 Awesome thank you. I'll try that

  • @ajb2k3 Sadly didn't get it to work so far... But thanks anyways :-)