MicroPython without VS Code

  • Hello, I recently bought an M5StickC Plus and I want to run MicroPython. However the VS Code plugin doesn't seem to work for me (there is no Add M5Stack button). How can I run MicroPython without VS Code? Is there some CLI tool I can use instead?

  • There are many ways to run micropython without VS code including editors like Thonny and MU.
    I use the Thonny editor to work directly with Micropython.

  • vs code add m5stack does not show to me either. thonny gets crc32 error and cant upload code. repl for line instrunctions works. Mu editor uploads code but the imports dont seem to work. Example: from m5stack import * and then print(lcd) gets a lcd not found error. The same 2 lines work in repl so im not sure why this error happens. I gave up, m5stack products only work with flow online development and perhaps (havent tried as i dont want to use C) arduino

  • Sounds more like an error with your host computer then the M5Stack products.