SIM7080 module, power down and power up

  • Does anyone know how I can power down and power up the sim7080 module.
    AT+CPOWD is to power down, but how to wake up?

  • Hello @HappyUser

    you are using the IoT BASE CatM base, correct?

    If yes, GPIO12 is the PWR_KEY. Sending a 500 ms pulse Low-High-Low should power up the modem.

    If no, then I think you are out of luck as the PWR_KEY pin of the modem is tied to the STATUS pin of the modem to autostart the modem when power is applied.


  • @felmue Thank you. Unfortunately currently I am using the other SIM7060 module. Well, I could power it down with an optocoupler or something like that. Maybe a good idea in future modules to incorporate the deep sleep logic.