Newbie - M5Stack not running RGB code

  • I have downloaded the drivers and can load programs with the Arduino IDE to the ESP32 Basic Core IoT Development Kit V2.6
    Next step is to use the M5Flow and try to make some code run. First I wanted to get the API key, which the M5Burner-v3-beta-win-x64 did for me.
    Then I went to the web version of M5Flow, and following the document to load a simple RGB code had the following error in RED background:
    Upload code failed, maybe your device is offline check it and retry.
    At this point I have no idea why it will not load to the M5stack.
    If someone can suggest, I am listening.

  • Did you select the correct core and type the correct API key into UIFlows settings?
    Does the API code appear in green at the bottom left of UIFlow?