I2C Bus Error (19) Internet Mode M5GO

  • I was following this instruction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPX9oFePv70, and at 11:08, I stopped because of the error. In the video, at this moment, the app is starting to work and get data from sensors. I Plugged in the Env2 Sensor to port A and Motion Sensor into port B. There is the screenshot of the code I made: 0_1680803929205_29345ead-6cfb-4a30-b264-98fa7d25faa6-image.png

    My frame version is UIFlow 1.11.5 (the latest), and I had no issues installing the frame to M5GO.

    So there you are the most important things:
    Hardware: M5GO
    Sensors: Env2 and Motion
    Frame: 1.11.5 UIFlow
    Are frame and sensors installed and loaded correctly: yes
    Are there any problems with sensors and hardware: no (I just got them yesterday)
    Code: blocks
    Instruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t17YLjfr1wE
    Time stopped: 11:08
    Error Code: I2C bus error (19)
    Mode: Internet mode (so no cables)
    Baud Rate: 1500000

    What can I do? Thanks!

  • Make sure the temperature sensor is connected to the RED grove port and that the cables are securely connected.

  • Yep, everything is connected properly

  • @nikita-ch I also tried removing the motion sensor - same problem. So the problem is in the frame or the sensor - I do not see any other possible places for the error