Solved :M5Camera : struct camera_config_t' has no member named 'grab_mode

  • I get this error when compiling a simple Camera app.
    ARDUINO IDE version 2.01.
    And what's bothering me that nowhere on my harddrive I can find a .h file that contains a struct camera_config_t that has an element grab_mode.
    I see a lot of posts on this kind of error, but have no clue where to start for the solution.
    My first thought is that I need to update a library, but according no my IDE every library is update. The same for the board manager. Any suggestions.
    Btw, I have my ESP32-CAM AI-Thinker projects running smoothly, bu wanted to switch to M5Stack camera. But this experience makes me hesitate. Thanks!

    Well apparently, after I restarted from green field with the camera webserver example, which by the way "includes" app_httpd.cpp, camera_index.h and camera_pins.h in ARDUINO IDE itself (I mean visible in the tab bar, I got it working again. It seems related to the conclusion of cpp and/or h files which I dont understand (yet, I hope).