Watering pump does not work

  • Hi,

    I have 8 watering pumps that I use to teach kids to code with the M5s. Two of them do not work. Water does not flow, event though they make a noise. I tested all Watering units with the same Core2 on the same Groove port (B).

    There is one difference that I can tell. When I blow through the inlet of working pumps - air gets out on the other side. When I do the same on the "broken" pumps no air comes out on the other side. This makes me think there is something blocked. Its a fresh pump that I ordered a while ago so it should not have gotten any dirt in it.

    Is there anything I can do to get them to work? Anybody else with the same experience?

    Thank you!

  • I've the same problem :-(

  • Carefully disassemble the impeller and check it’s moving freely

  • If you let the kids watch you disassemble and check the impellers you might inspire a future HW engineer instead of a future SW engineer.

    So be careful and dont do that :)