RESOLVED: Blank screen upon compile and upload of first sketch listed on M5-docs page

  • Hi All

    So, I took delivery of my new M5Stack Core2 device, and when I powered it on I saw the regular factory script running fine. Reading through the M5-docs Arduino set-up pages, I followed the instructions, the last of which asked to paste this into a new sketch:

    #include <M5Stack.h>

    /* After M5Core is started or reset
    the program in the setUp () function will be run, and this part will only be run once.
    After M5Core is started or reset, it will start to execute the program in the setup() function, and this part will only be executed once. /
    void setup(){
    M5.begin(); //Init M5Core. Initialize M5Core
    M5.Power.begin(); //Init Power module. Initialize the power module
    Power chip connected to gpio21, gpio22, I2C device
    Set battery charging voltage and current
    If used battery, please call this function in your project */
    M5.Lcd.print("Hello World"); // Print text on the screen (string) Print text on the screen (string)

    /* After the program in setup() runs, it runs the program in loop()
    The loop() function is an infinite loop in which the program runs repeatedly
    After the program in the setup() function is executed, the program in the loop() function will be executed
    The loop() function is an endless loop, in which the program will continue to run repeatedly */
    void loop() {


    When I click upload using the ArduinoIDE2, the code compiles, and uploads via the serial port, then the usual ...

    Writing at 0x0005e0ba... (78 %)
    Writing at 0x00065d85... (85 %)
    Writing at 0x0006b48f... (92 %)
    Writing at 0x00070ea9... (100 %)
    Wrote 406000 bytes (219673 compressed) at 0x00010000 in 3.9 seconds (effective 842.2 kbit/s)...
    Hash of data verified.

    Hard resetting via RTS pin...

    ... but all I see is a total blank screen on my Core2.

    Could someone help me shed some light on this please, many thanks.

  • So, I resorted to M5burner to restore the factory image which works, so it is something to do with the upload process.

    This was 100% new user error!!!!!

    Note to self: Read the set up instructions carefully, and don't follow the instructions for the M5Stack when you have an M5Core2 :)


  • Hello@theMusicMan

    M5Stack Core2 uses: