M5Core2 - How to restore to pre-installed factory firmware

  • I have a 1 week old M5Core2 that is having display driver problems - but everything else seems to work.

    What is the procedure to re-flash my M5Core2 back to the pre-installed factory firmware. I see there is a github file on how to do this but only for the AWS version of the M5Core2.

  • @caccum What program do you use?
    Arduino IDE?

  • Hello@caccum

    M5Stack Core2 初期化(工場出荷状態に)してみた
    M5Stack Core2 I tried to initialize (factory settings)

    M5Stack Core2を工場出荷時のファームに戻す
    Restore M5Stack Core2 to Factory Farm

  • @teastain Thanks for asking.
    I can use Arduino-IDE or UI-Flow-Desktop-IDE. I have also downloaded Thonny and ESPTools. So far the following has not worked to fix the display:

    1. M5 Burner ==> erase flash, and burn UI-Flow
    2. M5 Burner ==> erase and burn Core2FactoryTest
    3. M5 Burner ==> erase and burn M5Core2TouchPanelRecovery
    4. ESPTools ==> download 16MB flash image from a working m5core2 and flash to the problematic m5core2.
    5. Use "EasyLoader" to burn a program to test all core2 functions per the link on https://docs.m5stack.com/en/core/core2

    What is strange is that the only thing not working is the display. The backlight comes on. I can program the three buttons to send sounds to the speaker. I can create button on the touch screen that activate though I can't see them. If I print a label to the screen the device will freeze.

  • @macsbug Thanks for responding.
    I have tried those two solutions and it didn't work:

    1. M5Burner - erase flash, burn UI-Flow
    2. M5Burner - erase flash, burn Core2FactorTest; I actually think it was this program that initially killed my display driver; I have two new m5Core2's and I wonder if this programs is installing the wrong display drivers for my new Core2.
    3. M5Burner - erase flash, burn M5Core2TouchPanelRecovery; I also tried this program but it was hard to use as I couldn't see the display menu; I used the power button to blindly select each of the two firmware drivers and to load them.

  • @caccum Well, speaking personally:
    I believe the BootLoader is deep inside and indestructible.
    I would use Arduino IDE to upload this basic LCD sketch: