How can an atom lite listen forever to a mqtt topic?

  • Dear people,
    I am trying to build a listener device thats subscribes to a topic on AWS Mqtt and opens/closes a door when the right message comes on. I am using an Atom lite and UIFlow_Lite v1.11.3
    What I find most confusing is that the RGB LED just stays red when executing (downloaded and not connected to the pc, only power cable) this code but the atom is available and sends the "message received" message when receiving an order. Becaus AWS MQTT doenst allow keepalive = 0 i dod the workaround of connecting again every 25 mins.
    My Code: 0_1678298518897_Forum.PNG

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
    Kind regards

  • On a side-note, this is the programm im running on a seperate atom lite using the same UIFlow version.
    It just sends a request every once in a while.
    My code:0_1678358577548_Forum_publish.PNG

    May be somebody has some thoughts for this as well.

    Kind regards