M5stack Tough EXT dosen't seem to work...

  • Hi,

    I recently purchased an M5stack tough unit to experiment with MODBUS RTU and some I2C sensors but currently facing issues with getting the EXT module to work...

    My problems:

    • ESP-IDF - Querying an SDM630 utility meter (modbus RTU), i keep getting timeout, despite assigning GPIO27 as RX and GPIO19 as TX in the menuconfig in esp-idf. I have A and B connected on both ends. (I have also configured baud, bits, parity etc.. on both ends).
    • Tough Tools firmware, I2C devices are not showing under External I2C0 (Wire) G33 and G32. How come? I tried with an ATECC608B.

    Am i missing something? Feels like these should just work..
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello @davmoz

    Re Modbus RTU: using Arduino code (not ESP-IDF) I can control an M5_ACSSR (relay) from an M5Tough just fine (using GPIO27 as RX and GPIO19 as TX). So I guess the GPIO assignment is correct, but I cannot tell whether your issue is with ESP-IDF or the SDM630, sorry.

    Re Tough Tools firmware ext I2C: The ATECC608B is a 'bad' example as it requires special timing to wake it up and as long as it sleeps it doesn't show up in an I2C scan. Can you try with another I2C slave? I had success with an M5Stack PbHub for instance.