Custom Firmware but NOT published / public

  • Hi All

    I have some some custom code for the Timer Camera and I'd like to burn my .bin file using m5Burner tool but I don't want it publicly listed/available. Is this possible?

    The reason I'd like to use the tool is

    • I'll be getting someone else to build my devices and load the firmware and want to just supply a .bin file.
    • I'm using the TimerCamRTSP official build to initially calibrate/focus the camera.
    • I then need to re-flashing with my own code (I don't have or need a camera stream once deployed).
      It'd be nice if this was in the one tool.

    I can see how to add my .bin file but it 'appears' to publish it for everyone to see. Is this correct and can I restrict access to it?


  • Yes it's possible, you need to install ESP-IDY following the guide on there website, configure the tools and then just run the eps-tool or to upload the bin file to the camera.

  • @ajb2k3 said in Custom Firmware but NOT published / public:


    Thanks but I'm asking about burning my .bin file via the m5burner tool specifically. The interface is nice and simple for a student or inexperienced employee to use and I'm using it already to burn the RTSP build before I burn mine.

    I'm using VScode atm and am able to burn my build with that but would like a single tool for both burns to simplify the process.