[mycobot] I want to on/off an electromaget with python code

  • Anyone know how to plug in the electro magnet to a mycobot? Its a small magnet like 5v or less with 2 wires coming out of it. I then want to be able to turn it on/off using python code

    I have some code like this but not sure how it work or if it works (i dont know how to plug in the magnet either)


    from pymycobot.mycobot import MyCobot
    import time
    import pdb

    mc = MyCobot('COM5', 115200)

    i = 1
    while i < 60:
    mc.set_basic_output(i, 1)
    mc.set_digital_output(i, 0)
    mc.set_digital_output(i, 1)
    mc.set_digital_output(i, 0)
    i += 1