M5 Stick C IMU orientation

  • Hi everyone,
    Probably a really daft question but i can’t find an orientation diagram for the Stick C for the IMU with regard to its case!
    I’ve searched everywhere to no joy. A simple diagram with regard to looking at the screen where xyz are pointing
    I’m trying to use the C as a reference for an IMU grove sensor using a rotating image of a block

  • @drew-p Simple answer to any IMU:
    Just put it flat on a surface. The axis that shows ~ 1.00 is 1 gravity, the others should be ~ 0.00
    Shown here is the AtomS3 built-in IMU with the third reading (az) showing "1g" .
    You can roll it on its side to see x or y.
    Hope this helps.

  • May not understand what l meant. I need to know what orientation is for X Y Z with regard to the stick
    Does X lie along the long axis of the case or the short so Y would be the other way.
    I’m assuming that Z is from front to back, I.e screen to rear label but I need to know the directions of X and Y
    There’s a diagram on Grove IMU sensor but nothing on the Stick C

  • @teastain thanks for your reply but I’m after the orientation of XYZ on the Stick C. Does X run along the long axis, from usb connection to other end, or from side to side?
    I assume Z is from screen to base where label is
    Can’t find anything in the documentation, or I’ve missed it!
    Thanks again

  • My advice works on any IMU on any microcontroller.
    You can figure it out yourself, it's fun and part of the challenge.!0_1674873297510_StickIMU copy.jpg
    Lying flat on the bench, "UP" (towards the camera) is Z axis. Rotate to side and on end to determine other axes.

  • @teastain thank you. I’ll try it tomorrow

  • @drew-p From the IMU mfg. website:
    0_1674969039894_IMU 6886.jpg

  • I'm sure that the IMU is place so that Y points to the top of the StickC.