Mysterious power down on CORE2-AWS

  • I'm running a CORE2-AWS , powered by USB , with two 180 servos and an OLED module.

    My software does a number of small tasks, nothing too intensive, and the servos do not run at the same time, or very long. The curious part is that at first I had only one servo - and it's job was to rotate the CORE2-AWS while it showed an avatar ( Stack-Chan ). After adding a second servo ( with provided capacitors and breadboard ) suddenly the system had an odd habit of turning itself off w/out any errors or warnings. I tried swapping ports around, but that didn't change anything. I thought also that maybe one of the servos was defective so I swapped it out but again after some time of running it turned off.

    MY current thoughts are that it may be a power issue, but I can not find any info on how to attach supplemental power, nor a recommendation as to what M5STACK module that can take external power that would fit my needs. IT has also been suggested that it might be a software issue, but I can not see any errors, and I have reduced the code quite a bit to like 1 or 2 basic functions and it still happens. If it is a matter of power/overheating/somethign else there are no error logs to look at to see why it shut down.

    Open to suggestions! Any thoughts ?