ENV3 unit maybe not connect.

  • Hi All, I am not able to pinpoint my mistake copied example blocks, I hope someone can help me with this. I am not able to upload the error message to this forum, but it says 'ENV3 unit maybe not connect.' These is what I did:-
    connect to flow.m5stack.com
    click on the '+' icon from the left panel;
    selected ENV3 HAT from a HAT selections screen;
    click UNIT, ENV, Read example, drag the example to form a functional block
    click 'Run' and got the err msg mentions above. Thanks for your help.

    0_1672766215682_Screenshot from 2023-01-03 11-59-36.png ![0_1672766230438_IMG_20230103_061524106.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1672766303799_IMG_20230103_061524106.jpg](Uploading 60%)

  • @dididada
    Unit ENVI, II, III are substantially different as well as the distinction between a Hat ENV and a Unit ENV.

  • @teastain , Thanks for the info. I am at this for days, have been back and fort with supports@m5, this makes me feel terrible stupid for not able to get this HAT to work. I was expecting that by copying the example blocks, I would be able to get it to work. (very new to this.) There isn't any other options to select, except ENV under UNIT. Also, I have flip to micropython to cut/paste the code , then ran it on Thonny, it failed there, too; this also happen under Arduino (cut/paste) M5 example code for Arduino. I float the idea to the support@m5 that the HAT might be faulty but nothing from support@m5 on this defective HAT issue. I failed to mention that this is about the m5stickc plus. I hope the support@m5 will see this and come up with something to help me out. Or, anybody else out there that is able to help. Thanks again.

  • Resolved, the part that generated 'env3 unit maybe not connect' , I use the HAT (ENV) this time and don't get the error message. This, I still not sure that I blindly got it as I supposed to. Well, go on learning. Thanks.