Multiple screens with uiflow

  • Hi,
    I need to implement multiple screens/menus with M5Core2, but I don't know how.

    I know that it is possible with micropython, but I don't want to use it. The project needs to be semi cooperative between me and someone that only knows uiflow.

    I will need to enroll the same program on multiple devices, so is there a better way, than connecting the Device to the cloud, entering the api-token and clicking download?
    I won't be able to use the offline version of the IDE.... I implemented most of the screens have been built already for testing and I used the newer web version.

  • UIFlow is Micropython

  • Yes, but...
    Yes, it is!
    But there are no blocks for handling multiple screens - not to my knowledge.
    Since I read multiple similar threads that did not give conclusive answers for me, because I tried the suggested code and it did not work at all for me, made me ask again.

    Do you know if someone made custom blocks for that and if they can be downloaded somewhere?
    Otherwise a working example would be sufficient for me to build my own custom library.

    I did not save links to the threads I already read, but I will try to find them again.

    These are the Threads that I could find without spending alot of time:

  • Create each page as a custom function and call the function using the buttons but make sure each function clears the screen first. I’m not at home but think I did make a guide

  • That seems a little Tedious, but doable.
    I would be really grateful, if you could share this guide with me/us when you return home.
    But I will try it on my own anyways.

    Nonetheless would I appreciate a feature to do this properly in uiflow. I thinks I will open a feature request for that.