COM.X LTE (4G) Module Example UIFLOW/Phython

  • Hi folks
    Is there any tutorial or example to send SMS via a COM.X LTE Module in UIFlow or Python
    I have a SIM card of TalkTalk with deactivated PIN code.
    But I have no luck to get it to work.
    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards

  • Hi

    I just bought one COM.X LTE (4G) module but I think it will never work :

    • pins are too short for making good connection with Core2 (can't fix it...)
    • the antenna was connected to the GNSS socket instead of MAIN (can fix it of course)

    So, you can check these 2 points on your side as a first start.

  • Hello @orfait

    you can try to stack a different module (like a proto module) in between.

    Yes, same here, the antenna was connected to the incorrect socket as well.


  • What do you mean by "I have a SIM card of TalkTalk with deactivated PIN code."
    To me it looks like noting will work if the sim is deactivated.

  • @ajb2k3 A deaktivated PIN code doesn't mean that the SIM card is deactivated. SIM Cards are normally designed for cell phones and the provider gives you a new SIM Card locked with a PIN code and a PUK Code. (3-5 times entering a wrong PIN code blocks the SIM card and you have to enter the correct PUK code to unlock the SIM card. Entering a wrong PUK code several times will brick your SIM card and you have to get a new SIM card). Putting the SIM card into a cell phone the first time you will have to enter the SIM card PIN in order to unlock and to have access to the the SIM card. You can also use a PIN locked SIM card in an M5Stack GPRS/LTE module sending the right AT-command with the PIN required to unlock the SIM card. An easier way is to deactivate entering the PIN every time at startup with a cellphone: Put the new SIM card (per default locked with a PIN provided by the SIM card provider) in a cell phone, enter the PIN in order to access the SIM card. Then, in the cell phone setup menu: allow using the SIM card without entering the PIN code when you turn on the cell phone . (You normally protect the cell phone with a separate PIN code, so you don't want to enter 2 PIN codes every time you turn on your cell phone) . Now the "PIN-unlocked" SIM card can be used (and is active!) in an GPRS/LTE device without entering the PIN code. I have been using this routine regularly for the SIM-Cards I put in my GPRS/LTE WiFi mobile router, giving me internet access when I am away from home (I don't trust public [sniffing] WiFi networks ...).
    PS: Putting the SIM Card into a cell phone also allows you to change the PIN code provided with the SIM card eg. "1234" to "0000".

  • Sorry for the late reply. I simply put in the sim card the wrong way LOL. The 45° edge must be on the outside. Shame on me And of course the pins of the module are very, very short.