How do I update NB-IoT Unit Global (SIM7020G) firmware?

  • The NB-IoT Unit Global (SIM7020G) has firmware 1910B03SIM7020G and there are some functions that are not working, but are working on the Atom DTU NB-IoT Kit Global (SIM7020G) which has firmware 1910B06SIM7020G.

    Does anyone know the process to update the firmware?

    I have contacted SIMCOM support, and they have sent me a tool, and the latest firmware 1910B08SIM7020G, but I can't get the update working, or know what I am supposed to do.

    I have tried connecting the NB-IoT Unit directly to my computer, using a USB-Serial converter, wired direct to TX/RX (and GND).

    The converter only has 3.3V, so I also have an external 5V supply.

    When it is all connected, I can use a terminal program to directly connect to the modem, and send AT commands.

    However I try running their update software and it can't connect.

    Does anyone know the correct procedure?


  • Hello @sgryphon

    from what I can tell there are two (three?) options to update SIM7020 firmware:

    • using UART2 (pins 22, 23) with a full firmware file
    • using OTA with a delta firmware file

    the procedure is described here and here.

    There is something written about FOTA in the AT document as well. It sounds like one could download the delta firmware directly from the SIMCOM? server?

    Sorry, I don't know the exact process to update firmware but I am curious myself so please keep us (me) updated about what you find.