Lora 868 module external antenna

  • Hello,
    I have to use an external antenna with my Lora 868 module but I don't know what kind of antenna to use specially what kind of connector.
    Does anyone knows what antenna model is compatible with this module ? there is no reference on the M5stack web site.

  • Hi,

    Sometimes I find IPX (or I-PEX or U.FL?), sometimes MCX, sometimes SMA... on descriptions

    So I link them all here... so you can find out yourself

    SMA wikipedia the most common one, it is threaded

    MCX wikipedia snap in

    IPX I-PEX U.FL wikipedia very tiny, mostly used on little pc board connections, surface mounted, snap on

    For antennas, you could do an internet search with keywords: "868 MHz antenna"

    Also YouTube is a nice source for searching all these terms

    LoRa module video on YouTube at 2:00 minutes it shows internally U.FL connectors, and externally MCX if I am not mistaken