Error updating Arduino IDE

  • Hi,
    I keep getting the following error:

    Downloading packages
    Replacing platform m5stack:esp32@2.0.5-1.0 with m5stack:esp32@2.0.5+1.0
    Failed to install platform: m5stack:esp32.Failed to update M5Stack. 
    Error: Request install failed with message: 13 INTERNAL: Cannot install platform: installing platform m5stack:esp32@2.0.5+1.0: testing local archive integrity: testing archive size: fetched archive size differs from size specified in index: 250363319 != 250355049

    Is this critical at all?
    Does this mean, that the old platform ist still available and should compilation work anyway?
    Any help gratefully appreciated,

  • I was in the same situation.
    I failed to update the board definitions that were already installed on Arduino IDE 1.8.19.
    Eventually, reinstalling the board definitions solved the problem.

    Specifically, I uninstalled the M5Stack board definitions on Arduino IDE 2.0, then added the URL for the board definitions, restarted the IDE, and then installed the M5Stack board definitions, which was successful.