Smart Greenhouse with M5Core2, Atom Lite, Atom Matrix, AtomSwitchHub, EnvIII and RTC with AWS IoT Core, Timestream and Grafana

  • Hello M5Stack community!

    Two years ago I started to explore arduino and esp32 and this year I met the M5Stack. Since then I only use it in my projects because of the ease and speed of prototyping that it offers, I feel that I can put my ideas into practice faster.

    The project is a smart greenhouse with automated IoT solutions using M5Stack devices and cloud services.

    Github repository

    Uses the M5Core2 to monitor and manage environment and photoperiod automation settings. M5AtomSwitchHub to turn the humidifier and fan on and off according to temperature and humidity, Unit RTC to turn lights on and off at the set time and Unit EnvIII to read room climate data. Uses grafana to consume sensor data in Timestream to create timeseries graph visualization.


    It consists of a home cultivation management and monitoring system to automatically generate an ideal environment for healthy plant growth, providing little or no intervention by the grower in the environment climate.

    The system allows controlling functionalities and viewing environment data and configurations by a device. Internal environment and relay status data are captured and stored to generate telemetry and alert graphs.

    The greenhouse's environment control will be automated to provide less grower intervention in cases of drastic changes in environment and a higher success rate in home growing for both beginners and professionals. It is also expected to break down initial barriers that prevent or discourage people from carrying out a home cultivation, such as lack of time and availability or those who have already tried it, but the lack of control of internal climatic conditions led to a failure in cultivation.

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