Basic Interfacing information on the Atom Echo

  • Hi - I'm reaching out to this forum because despite a lot of contacts with the store, I'm not able to get some pretty basic information on interfacing to this neat little speaker. On the store there is a photo of the unit and references to Ext Pin (available), PH2.0-4P and I2S pin. There are some documents referred to but none of them describe how to access these pins from outside the packaging and what they do. There are some warnings about not using some pins and a text which says

    "pinOut G21/G255V/GND, 3V3/G22/G19/G23/G33"

    but despite a lot of searching (and asking on the store), I've not had anything back which tells me which pin on the back is which.

    I done various google searches, but no joy. Has anyone come across this basic information and point my tired old eyes at it? I am guessing it either doesn't exist ir is somewhere so obvious I've missed it.

    Ideally I just want to connect an SSR relay so a spare 5V pin I can toggle would be ideal.

  • Hi @dmshimself


    available pins are:

    • G21, G25 - on the right - first and second pin from the top
    • G26, G32 - at the bottom - third and fourth pin from the left

    Please note: non of the above pins can drive 5 V; they are (as are all ESP32 GPIO pins) 3.3 V only.