Best module for controlling a 2-wire linear actuator

  • Anyone have any suggestions for the best module to use to control a linear actuator?

    I've used the relays but the wiring and logic aren't super clean.

    Hoping folks might have used other methods...?

  • Hello @jamstooks

    I guess that depends on the size of the 2-wire linear actuator.

    Could you share the DC motor specification (V and A)?


  • Good question, @felmue...

    I guess I'd be interested in two different configurations. I'm prototyping with a smaller one (12V/.8A), but I suspect I might need the more powerful one (12V/3A) in the future.


  • Hello @jamstooks

    looking through all M5Stack modules I can see about two weak candidates, none of which I think matches what you'll need though, unfortunately.

    Sorry, I don't think a suitable module exists at this point in time.

    Please also note that the GoPlus2 module doesn't properly work with M5Core2. From above description:
    Note: This module has an I2C address conflict with the touch screen of the CORE2, so it cannot be used together.


  • For anyone finding this. I contacted M5 and they suggested the odrive module, but that's currently out of stock.

    I've moved on to trying to use either a stepper motor or a servo for my application and I think I can make them work.