Newbie Question

  • I have just bought MStick C Plus, Core 2, and a few more. Finding the learning curve crazier than I first thought. I can use M5Burner but none of the demos other than Factory Test work properly. They load and run but only occupy a small portion of the MStick C+ screen.

    What am I doing wrong? would be gr8 to have a newbie section on this forum. The next issue I face is getting the Arduino IDE to run

  • @zappawaddawadda Hi! There is an excellent tutorial on the first page of the M5StickCPlus documents page here:
    This is for the older Arduino ver 1.8.19 and is the easiest to use, IMHO.
    You get close to "machine level code" with the IDE which also accidentally teaches you C and C++ as you go along.
    If you have any difficulty, post a reply here!