UI-Flow: Detect charging via M5GO Battery Bottom2 (with Core2)

  • Hello,
    In UIFlow, I want to detect if my M5Core2 is charging on its Battery Base (using the GO Battery Charger)
    Is this possible?
    If I charge it using the USB-C Cable, the Charge State Block detects it, but not using the M5Go-Charger

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello @AEisele55

    I am afraid that is not possible. The reason is that the M5GO Battery Bottom2 has its own charger IC (TP4057) which only has the two LEDs (red and green) but no way to get the state via software.

    In other words:

    • with the USB-C cable the charger IC (AXP192) from the M5Core2 is used to charge the battery.
    • with the M5GO charger the charger IC (TP4057) in the M5GO Battery Bottom2 is used to charge the battery.


  • OK,
    I'll try and get the voltages (using the data from axp192) when charging and when not charging and see if i can detect it using this.....
    Thanks Aaron