Confusing Version control for firmware

  • I am having trouble getting recent modules like the Red 7-Segment Digit Clock Unit and the CO2 Unit with Temperature and humidity Sensor (SCD40) to work. None of the demo work - either in Arduino IDE or the on-line UIFlow (1.10.6)

    I am using the latest burner (2.5.1) with firm version 1.9.8 on Core, Fire and M5StickC Plus. Tucked away in the on-line UIFlow for the Co2 Unit is a notice that these demos only work in firmware 1.10.4

    The problem is that it is impossible to update to this firmware version as the M5Burner can only support up to 1.9.8

    I see that there is a beta version of the M5Burner (V3) but the M5Stack server fails to download this.

    I am assuming that M5Burner(V3 -Beta) supports access to getting firmware 10.10.4 and I am assuming that this is required to get the latest units to work. There is no announcement on this anywhere and it is total guess work!

    M5Stack needs to improve its quality of support

    1. better version control
    2. better announcements
    3. better support for downloading software

    Please sort this out otherwise none of the latest units work!