Micropython on the core2

  • Hi,

    I'm sure that this is covered somewhere but I can't seem to find a definitive answer.

    I have been programming my core2 (and my stickC+) with uiflow for some time. Whilst it works fine, there are something that you cannot do with that system. I would like to get some better control over the hardware and get "closer to the metal" as it were.

    As a programmer (somewhat old-school and new to python) I would really like to be able to both do things with the hardware that I cannot do with uiflow and also enhance my learning of python.

    I did find an article that pointed me in the direction of using vscode and an m5stack add-on, but the article was quite old and I just got some strange errors when trying to execute even the simplest of code.

    So - can anyone please point me in the right direction? Or, possibly, just let me know that it can't be done?

    Many thanks

  • Hi Mike:
    The Arduino IDE is a program environment using a very easy and convenient version of C, with some C++!
    Very user friendly, but easy to get started. C compiles and overwrites everything in the ESP32.
    Python is very easy to learn, but it is an Interpreted Language with a large memory usage in the board's core.
    C is a world wide standard because it gets as close to the metal as you can stand.
    I've been using Arduino IDE ver1 for ten years The new version 2 is more powerful, but more confusing.

  • @mwright Have you tried visiting Micropython.org?
    These is an esp32 sub forum that has a few M5Stack members in it.