• I am working on a tracked platform project where the the servos are controlled by imu of m5stackfire and sbus signal received from an RC receiver. My coding skills are limited so I am using and esp32 to read the sbus signal and transmit it to m5stack fire which I program using uiflow.

    My problem is that the reading speed of m5stack fire is very slow and it is loosing synchronization with the ESP32 and crashing the program. I tried different baud rates and different amount of delay and best I could have is 50microseconds delay on the ESP32 side. With this setup m5stack reads the signals with a huge delay and the correction comes late failing making it impossible to control the servos and motor controllers. ESP32 to computer and ESP32 to Arduino works flawlessly but I could not find a solution for m5stack fire with uiflow.
    I am adding the codes of both ESP32 and the Uiflow. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I am getting frustrated.

    ![alt text](1_1663878724893_esp32.PNG 0_1663878724892_uiflow.PNG image url)