2022 M5 Stamp Pico and Waveshare epaper Arduino Library?

  • Re: Connecting Epaper display to m5stack core or other models ? (Waveshare)

    Site says previous topic is old so I started a new one on its suggestion.

    Hi there. I know there's an M5Paper product.

    But I'd like to connect a Waveshare 1.54" bw epaper display to an M5Stamp Pico board.

    Are there any Arduino libraries available to do this?what are they called?

    What are the M5 pins that I connect the DI, SCK, CS, Dc, BUSY and RESET pins.

    Thanks for your suggestions/recommendations.

  • Hello @hausofpayne

    ESP32 allows to assign almost any functionality (SPI, I2C, etc.) to almost any GPIOs.

    Using the example GxEPD2_WS_ESP32_Driver.ino from the GxEPD2 library with the following GPIO setup worked for me. (Note: I used a Waveshare 2.9" ePaper for my test.)

    • DI <--> 26
    • SCK <--> 18
    • CS <--> 21
    • DC <--> 22
    • BUSY <--> 32
    • RESET <--> 33

    On line 118 of the example you set the GPIOs for CS, DC, RST and BUSY:


    On line 150 of the example you set the GPIOs for SPI:

      SPI.begin(18, 36, 26, 21); // map and init SPI pins SCK(18), MISO(36), MOSI(26), SS(21)