M5Stack Station-485

  • Has the Station-485 been added to the Arduino Board library yet? If not, when will it be added? Also, where can I find the factory-shipping firmware/program with the default functions, LCD displays, etc?

  • Hello @jsarge

    I don't know if and when the Station-485 will be added to the Arduino Board library. But since it uses the same ESP32 chip as the M5Stack Basic I'd guess selecting that should work. (Note: I do not (yet) have a Station-485 so I cannot test myself.)

    M5Station-485 documentation is here including a link to the Arduino library.

    Normally the preinstalled firmware is for UIFlow (not sure that is true for M5Station-485 though). Anyhow, UIFlow firmware can be installed via M5Burner found here.


    • the preinstalled firmware on my M5Station is not UIFlow firmware.
    • UIFlow (installed with M5Burner) works fine for me.
    • I don't (yet) see the source code for the preinstalled firmware on github.
    • the provided Arduino examples work fine for me selecting a generic M5Stack ESP32 device.