Load Micropython on M5 Stamp Pico

  • I am trying to load Micropython on an M5 Stamp Pico. I am new to Micropython but skilled in microcontrollers and C++. I tried several binaries from the official website. All cause an exception crash and a boot loop. I see nothing in the official website targeting the Pico as a generic ESP32 device.

    I installed M5Burner and used that. It did not boot loop after install, but it does not seem to work. If I send it anything from the serial port, then it replies with:

    ª«ªÿÿcrc error2k«Ì«

    I do not need or want WiFi at this time.

    Is there a binary for simple serial console interface to the M5 Stamp Pico? If so where do I download it?

    If I have to build my own from source, is their a predefined header for this board so I know the appropriate configuration options?


  • For a start, the random characters is a sign that you may have the wrong bad rate but did you put the stamp into boot loader mode before writing the firmware and did you select the correct communications port?

  • Yes the baud rate is correct. The characters are not random. They appear to be a CRC error and it is being sent in hex rather than ASCII.
    Anyway, I found that if I loaded the ESP32 generic binary file then it works. At least I can get to a Micropython REPL prompt. Of course, this version is probably going to me missing the libraries that I will need. I guess I will have to build my own binary version.