Arduino code for RFID2

  • There is any Arduino sample code for RFID2?

    The sample from the docs page it's for RC522 chip not for WS1850s


  • Hello @jogaye

    it seems that both RC522 and WS1850 use the same I2C address. It is my understanding that even though the IC is different, functionality stayed the same. From the docs:

    RFID2 compared to the previous generation RFID UNIT only makes the replacement of read and write IC (RC522->WS1850S), there is no difference in function.

    Have you tried the example with RFID2? Are you saying it doesn't work?


  • I'm sorry, the sample works!

    The problem was that the RFID2 return a different chip ID and takes longer to initialize, and my microBlocks library didn't expect that.

    Thanks for your fast response.