CoreInk UIFlow Deepsleep

  • I'm trying to write a simple UIFlow program to put my CoreInk to sleep for 30 seconds then wake up and display something new on the screen. I've tried "Power:Restart after seconds" and even a "Power:Shutdown" but neither appear to work (running on battery, no usb power). Has anyone managed to get sleep/wake to work using UIFlow/MicroPython (v1.9.8)?

  • Hello @ViQuaheeg520

    there is an issue on M5CoreInk, with the newer CH9102 USB serial chips, which prevents it from shutting down. It has been fixed in the Arduino libraries. See this post. But I guess it has not yet been fixed in UIFlow firmware.

    BTW: the fix sets GPIO1 as output and then sets it to LOW just before calling shutdown. You could try this in UIFlow as well.


  • Thanks Felix - I'll give that a try and report back...

  • I didn't get anywhere setting GPIO1 however I downloaded UIFlow v3.0 from and uploaded the latest version v1.10.1 to my Core Ink and now I have working Restart and Power On / Off :-)