• From the documentation:

    bool drawJpg(const uint8_t *jpg_data, size_t jpg_len, uint16_t x = 0,
    uint16_t y = 0, uint16_t maxWidth = 0, uint16_t maxHeight = 0,
    uint16_t offX = 0, uint16_t offY = 0,
    jpeg_div_t scale = JPEG_DIV_NONE);

    What are all of these options, especially JPEG_DIV_NONE?

    canvas.drawJpgFile(SD, "/WFH.JPEG", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, "JPEG_DIV_NONE");

    Can someone help me with this line of code? I want to have a jpg image show in a specific location on the canvas.

  • @jterrell You have to bare with me as I just woke up but I believe the options are as follows:

    canvas.drawJpgFile(File name and location, X Position, Y Position, Width, Height, X offset, Y offset, "Jpeg Scaling");

    Maxheight limits the visible size of the image setting to 0 means no limit
    jpeg_div_t scale = JPEG_DIV_NONE is used to alter the size that the image is show for example if you want the image to be shown smaller then what it was downloaded, set it to
    jpeg_div_t scale = JPEG_DIV_50
    if you want it bigger set it to
    jpeg_div_t scale = JPEG_DIV_150

    Its similar to the issue I found in this guide https://www.hackster.io/AJB2K3/lvgl-forum-data-display-061a3c

    but Im not sure if it should be
    jpeg_div_t scale = JPEG_DIV_50
    jpeg_div_t scale = JPEG_DIV_(50)

    I don't work in Arduino so not positive here.