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  • Consider one of the many modules for M5Stack - "BATTERY" (Fig. 1). Buy it now on Aliexpress

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    Figure 1. A module BATTERY composed of base and finishing modules

    This module is a plastic frame in red, on which are fastened by means of screws special printed circuit Board (Fig. 2) with two connectors 2 to 15 and firmly fixed Li-ion battery [3.7 V and a capacity of 850 mAh] (Fig. 3).
    On the frame on the right side (Fig. 4) embossed inscription BATTERY and a cavity under a flat-blade screwdriver for easy removal of a module, because due to connector 2 of 15 modules are kept pretty tight.
    This module is designed to increase the time of Autonomous operation of the basic and additional modules.

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    Figure 2. View of module top

    alt text
    Figure 3. The module on the back side

    alt text
    Figure 4. The module side

  • Is there a way to read the charge level of the battery?

  • Looking at the schematics here, it looks like the IP5306 is connected to GPIO35 and 36. 2.1V each. However, in Config.h we have this definition:

    [code]#define LORA_IRQ_PIN 36[/code]

    That would conflict with the reading of the battery charge, no?

    While using LoRa, I am reading ADC1_CH7 and ADC1_CH0. Here's what I get.

    ADC1_CH7: 0 0.00
    ADC1_CH0: 346 0.71

    The value for ADC1_CH7 is always 0. The value for ADC1_CH0 goes up and down. Weird.

  • A reply would be nice...

  • @dda
    Hi, re. your original question, have you seen the excellent mod that reaper7 added recently ?

  • @dda !0_1518258146796_f27ea0bf-5dbd-4020-98ab-d039ea8a7183-image.png

  • @jimit Didn't see that, thanks!

  • What is the runtime on the 850 mAh battery?

  • @world101 Using the 150ma one, I can run my M5Stack limited edition for 30~40 mins with the screen turned off and a simple program running, doing nothing else than turning the screen off (WiFi was not setup).
    Running in the same conditions, I think the 850 should run for ~3 hours approximately.
    I ordered one but I cannot confirm yet.

  • @donck
    Thanks. What core module version(s) do you have? Let me know what you experience on the 850 mAh after testing it. Also, if you could provide the internal dimensions of the area where the battery would go inside the battery module, that would be great. Curious if a larger mAh battery could fit in there.

  • @world101 @donck

    Hi, i was going to make around the same estimate of approx 3 hrs for the add-on battery module.... I had around same results as DoNcK with standard internal battery.... roughly 35 mins just sitting with menu program running on the M5... haven't tested the battery module....but it seems to last quite a long time. I def recommend it.

    Of course longer times will be possible using various power saving options....

    Here's a pic with the battery module dimensions... not much space there !

    0_1519068317099_Battery module inside dims.jpg

  • @world101Review "BATTERY" 中说:

    Thanks. What core module version(s) do you have?

    The grey limited edition and the one with PSRAM (both performing the same)

  • @donckReview "BATTERY" 中说:

    (WiFi was not setup).

    Is WIFI off by default?