I cannot install M5Stack

  • Hi.

    I cannot install "M5Stack by M5Stack" library.
    Board install ok. I see this library, click "install" and... nothing. :-(
    Some message line flash only, and nothing else.

    I have some experience with Arduino code.
    I was programming Arduino UNO, MEGA, also ESP8266 and now ESP32.

    I thought it was maybe because of the "garbage" of installed libraries and motherboards.
    I uninstalled the Arduino IDE and only installed the basic Arduino and ESP32 espressif libraries.

    Unfortunately - I still can't install the main M5Stack library.

    Can you help me, please?


  • Ok, Solved.
    On cleared Arduino IDE, I install no M5Stack library, but "Unified M5Stack".
    And ONLY M5Stack boards.
    And other my modules ESP32 - WROOM, MH ET mini kit, Wemos D1 I can
    programing as "M5Stack ESP32" and its work without any other ESP32
    boards and libraries.