Question on How to Update the M5Stack Sprite Library

  • Hi all, I have been using the M5Stack library which incorporates the TFT_eSPI library to some degree to allow sprites to be easily used in graphics. I have noticed that not all commands are available, specifically "pushToSprite" to allow me to composite multiple sprites past the "pushRotated" command.

    General Question: Has anyone successfully updated the M5Stack Sprite.h and Sprite.cpp to include more current version of the TFT_eSPI library?

    I have tried to add these from the TFT_eSPI Sprite.cpp and Sprite.h but am falling a bit short on my knowledge on how to handle the errors I get compiling. When I copy the needed code over to the M5Stack library I am not able to compile and get errors surrounding other commands which I didn't touch. For example when I copy over the code for pushToSprite and created i then get errors with the number of arguments it is looking for as well as errors with other calls such as pushImage, which were fine before.

    These are the libraries I want to use(update some commands in M5Stack).

    Rather than post my hack attempt I was hoping someone could offer some guidance on how to update these libraries used in M5Stack and maybe why not all of the library was included in the first place?


  • Try the LovyanGFX Library.



    LovyanGFX is twice as fast as TFT-eSPI.

  • @macsbug Thanks for the tip I will give it a shot. The short demo video looks promising as I see a gauge that looks great. I have similar results with the Sprite library but fall short on compositing sprites past pushRotated.