Error : can't create thread

  • I want to UIFlow in M5Stack to record my data.
    Launch the MQTT broker of Node-RED in the local environment, and M5Stack communicates with MQTT.
    I want to know the operation status of machine by connecting the ADC unit to M5Stack and sending the data to the Node-RED once every 5 seconds and graphing it.
    After working well for about 9 hours, the following error occurred and the data could not be retrieved. Error : "can't create thread"

    Please let me know if you solved the same problem.

  • @kawabatapaper Hi there! Can you please provide the program? and also every time the error occurs in about 9 hours?

  • Thank you for your message.
    I posted my program.
    I got an error in the same time several times in this program.
    So, I measured the sensor value every 5 seconds, but I extended it every 10 seconds.
    I don't know if that was good, but so far it hasn't stopped for 3days.
    Please let me know if there is anything else you know.