Can't get M5Core 2 to work on Mac

  • I was able to get the Burn image to work, and I burned the UIFlow(Core) image into it. I configured it with the Wifi SSID / password, tried to put it in USB mode, but it always seems to revert to App Mode. Also enabled Boot Menu.

    When I run UIFlow, it appears to connect to M5 without an issue and then a little later shows disconnected in the bottom left of the window.

    When I try to Run the program, I get an error saying Upload code failed, maybe your device is offline check it any try again.


  • Burned the Core2_Tools and then the UIFlow_Core2 again (have burned it a few times before). This time it displayed the App with the option for UIFlow and everything is working now.

    I do still get the Upload failed errors sometime, but it is installing the app on the device.