python3 executable file not found in $PATH Error compiling for board STAMP-PICO.

  • Hello, I just registered and in the process of testing the M5Stamp Pico with the Script WiFi Scan. But I'm getting the error that the Path for Python3 cannot be found. My development environment is OSX Mojave with Arduino version 1.8.13. I have installed the boards as indicated by the tutorials. and I can select:
    Board: STAMP-PICO
    Load Speed: 1500000
    Partion Scheme: Default
    Core Debug: None
    Port: Using a Bluetooth Dongle

    Thanks for the assistance in advance

  • You haven’t installed python 3 or you haven’t set the path environmental link.

  • Hi, Thanks for you response. But I think that part of the problem is that I'm trying to access the board using a bluetooth FTDI programmer. I ordered the M5 Programmer board and see if I can pass the error. For your info, when I provide power to the board via the 5v pin, I observe a Red, then a Blue and finally a green light (which breadths). I also observed that I got an IP for the board. I have tried to access it via the UIFlow but no luck. Anyway, thanks for your assistance.