Atom Switch TX/RX Pins

  • Hello... I have an ATOM-HUB SWITCH and I see on the label there are Rx(33) and Tx(23) pins available. I assume these are hardware serial pins that are available for use but I can't figure out how to connect wires to these pins. There are two holes at the end of the Switch where the label indicates the pins to be but I can't see how I would connect to them. Do I need to open up the Switch case to access them?



  • Hello @Uzr66

    from what I can tell from the ATOM HUB SwitchD schematic those two GPIOs (33 and 23) are used for the RS485.


  • Thanks @felmue , I did notice that too so I used continuity tester to see if andy of the RS-485 terminal screws were directly connected to the header pins that connect to the Atom's 33/23 pins I did't detect any continuity. I want to connect a Nextion Display that uses a Serial connection to the Atom Switch and was hoping to utilize Pins 33/23. I'm thinking I may need to purchase something like the MAX485 RS-485 module to attach to the Nextion display and run my serial connection over this RS-485 connection. Think I have some reading to do. ;)