Core2 no display functions

  • This is so simple, its unbelievable it really happens. I turn on a brandnew Core2, connect with UIFlow, drag a labet to the screen and hit Run. Screen stays white.

  • Hello @simmoe

    have you tried anything else, e.g. changing the screen background for instance? Does that work?


  • Have you installed the latest Core2 firmware and not the latest Core firmware?

  • @ajb2k3 I ve encountered this issue. It seems it is the browser issue. I change to use MS edge and it works. hence i switch here and there.

  • @kent-ong @felmue @ajb2k3

    Yes, this is a browser issue - and a BUG really

    Changing the browser WILL solve the problem - temporarily - until you open a NEW TAB with another uiflow instance and another M5 connection, i.e an M5Stick. Apparently the underlying issue is that the browser (caches, cookies?) saves some display settings, i.e FONTS etc, and this causes the WSOD.

    M5 team - fix this stuff man, it makes the product seem so unreliable when it's really just a bad web-coding issue

  • I'm not sure what changed but last year something did and you can only run one instance at a time connected to a controller. If you open a second connection to another controller it does in deed cause problems, which is a pain as I used to run two controllers at a time for testing.