DC Brush Motor Control

  • I have been using an Arduino based dc motor controller for my model railway locomotives. The modules use Wi-Fi and are controlled using my mobile phone.
    Unfortunately the supplier has stopped manufacturing them.
    Looking online I came across the M5Stack Atom PWM kit, which appears to be able to control a brushed screen motor using Wi-Fi.
    However, searching through the GitHub, I couldn’t find any documentation on how to build/programme the module or connect to a mobile phone.
    Is this particular module capable of being used to control a dc motor using a mobile phone (in particular an iPhone)?
    I am not a programmer which is why I used to purchase ready made modules that were pre-programmed.

  • If you use UIFLow you can make a loco controlled via a mobil phone easy however, the PWM lacks a H-Bridge and so will only work in one direction.

    I have started a model railway series using M5Stack controllers here: https://www.hackster.io/AJB2K3/m5stack-model-railway-part-1-b109f7