How to connect with Web IDE

  • I had my Core2 working with the Mac desktop IDE, then found posts that recommended the Web IDE. I've entered the API key but can't connect with Web IDE.

    The banner at bottom left says "Disconnected". Clicking the "Refresh" button, gets: "Upload code failed, maybe your device is offline, check and retry"

    The Core2 is plugged into USB.
    I used m5burner and UIFLOW(CORE2) to configure and burn.
    Some place I selected an "Internet" option.
    The burn works, and three touch-screen buttons appear and are replaced by a SSID screen.
    Trying to use Web IDE fails as above.

    What's the purpose of the SSID screen? (If I tried to connect, I couldn't access the internet.)

    Are there any step by step install instructions?


  • The SSID screen tells you that it has opened a wifi access point.
    the instructions on on the website

  • Those are the incomplete instructions that don't work for Web IDE. Incomplete in that they don't explain the what and why of the options or how to get out of trouble. Lots of assumptions about facts not in evidence.

    • What's the point of the Wifi configuration when I'm trying to use the Web IDE and I'm connected to a USB port for communication?
    • How do I avoid the SSID screen? I don't want to use the Core2 as a host.
    • What does "Bind with account do?"

    I erased the Core2 and then saw different items than before. Do I need to erase anytime when I switch between the desktop IDE and the Web IDE?

    To use the Web IDE, what choices do I make on the first startup? App, Flow, or Setup? In what order? What about subsequent startups?

    This time when selecting Flow, I got a screen connecting to my local Wifi. !Progress!

    I got a different API key this time.

    I tried to connect with the Web IDE using Wifi with the API key screen showing on the Core2. Still can't connect. The only suggestion is "maybe the device is offline, check and retry" I see the Wifi icon and a cloud icon, both in red on the Core2. Is that good or bad?

    I reset the Core2, no change.

    Under settings, I tried configure by WiFi and got the SSID screen host screen.

    Reset and back to the API key screen on the Core2

    So I'm stuck on the Core2 API key screen and the Web IDE showing disconnected. Refresh suggests "maybe the device is offline, check and retry"

    What else or just send the Core2 back?

  • @ikanode What do you mean by "Those are the incomplete instructions that don't work for Web IDE"
    Those were written for the WEB IDE!

    WEB USB host mode?
    experimental web browser system that isn't supported.
    Wifi SSID screen is used to set the wifi access point and password on a wifi network this only comes up if you didn't set the skid and password when flashing using M5Burner.

    After the said and password is set you be been shown the API code which need to be set in uiflow in order for uiflow to connect.

    There is only one online server at present and its behind the great firewall of china which sometimes causes connection to be dropped especially with so many people trying to connect.

    This book is not complete but it may answer some more questions.