PB unit lorawan 868 error received data= "Ag=="

  • hello, I have a lorawan module "unit lorawan 868" connected to a "m5stack core2" all this must communicate locally with a multitech gateway
    AEP that I bought and configured then I retrieve the data in "mqtt" by cable from the gateway.
    I manage to get my lorawan unit 868 module to communicate to the gateway. I have the messages that the join is going well, the sending with the command "AT+DTRX=1,2,10,0123456789" done well, I have the return of the order with the sending, sent and received: return command->
    [ INFO ] SEND NUM 05
    [ INFO ] SEND CNT 01
    +CLINKCHECK: 0, 22, 1, -13, 10
    (1/2), 1, -13, 10
    In my mqtt server and on the gateway, I can clearly see the join happening and the dtrx also so I subscribed with a python server to the topic "lora/.../up" and the data which is supposed to correspond to what I send decode in base 64 does not correspond at all to what I send. I always have "data: Ag==", it is only when I increase the size of the message that it changes a little but it's like the data was corrupted...
    If you have the solution, I'm a taker