Send serial data thru usb from M5stack Fire , to another software with serial data input.

  • It seems that the Fire doesn't transmit serial data thru usb?? ony thru softserial?
    Are both (1, 2) uarts wire serials?, if yes, I would need to buy a uart to usb adapter??

    this are my blocks:

    0_1648063263584_send serial m5stack fire.png

  • Hello @BleedStudio

    you'll need to use different GPIO than 16 and 17 for serial. On M5Stack Fire GPIO 16 and 17 are used internally for PSRAM. See here.

    Quote from above link:
    GPIO 16 / 17 of FIRE are connected to PSRAM by default, so when you connect or stack other modules, you need to pay attention to avoid conflicts with these two pins to prevent the device from not working properly and generating instability..


  • Thanks, I understand.
    I wrote somewhere that the pins are 2 and 3 ?

    Any requirements for this pins??

  • So I can use GPIO3, GPIO1 or GPIO9, GPIO10 for usb serial data??

    0_1648066561077_uarts fire.png

  • Hello @BleedStudio

    GPIO 9 and 10 cannot be used - they are are already used for the internal flash.

    GPIO 3 and 1 are used for the USB-C connection, so yes, this should work. (But you might encounter some difficulties when you want to flash different firmware while your blockly program is running.)


  • Working perfect with touchdesigner.
    If someone want to use my touchdesigner serial template. for make real time 3d visualizations for you m5stack device, tell me here.
    This it's an input from Fire.
    I'm working now on output data (LFO'S, ramps, etc..) from touchdesigner to M5Stack.

    Powerful data and sensor visualization with agood gpu based graphics program.0_1648131164805_Captura de pantalla (212).png

  • hi, i`m new with m5stack, i wrote your blocks and i receive serial dat in touchdesigner, but how i do for the information of my servo appear in touchdesigner and then work with those data to other operators ?

    many thks !! :)